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We’ve been picking up food for Katie’s Kitchen for a while now and finally tried her famous chicken meatballs! They are amazing! The portion was large enough that I saved 1/2 for the next night. I gave the leftover meatball to my 5-year old son for dinner a few nights later and he had a temper tantrum when I told him there were no more left after he devoured the one leftover! I thought Katie’s food would be “too healthy” for my kids to enjoy, and I’m thrilled to have been proven wrong! “

— Shannon V.

"The food is first rate – great quality and creative recipes that keeps healthy eating interesting.  The inclusion of nutrition information on each meal is extremely helpful in keeping us mindful of exactly what we are consuming.  And the time savings is truly wonderful – no more eating late at night after cooking meals following long days at work.  Katie’s commitment to healthy eating is contagious and her love of what she does shines through in her food"

— Sue B.

"I buy breakfast, lunch and dinners.  From her famous balls to her blue cheese burgers  everything is amazing. She truly is AMAZING!." 

— Ann Caprini

I have lost more weight on Katie's Kitchen than I have on Jenny Craig.

Karen B.

The food at Katie's Kitchen is FANTASTIC!  I am a huge fan. This is a life saver (literally) for anyone who is looking for delicious, healthy food that is beautifully prepared.  If you haven't tried her wonderful food, you should!

Deborah Vivolo

The chicken balls are Fanfrikintastic! And they're healthy? Nicely Done! 

Jack T.

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